Why is Rank Reveal So Powerful?

Rank Reveal-Reverse rank tracking technologyFirst I hope you have had a chance to check out the demo of Rank Reveal, Daniel Tan’s new cutting edge keyword rank tracking tool. Daniel and his team have developed a patent pending technology called Reverse Rank Tracking. They have spent quite a lot time, and effort bringing this technology to the marketplace. That this is patent pending speaks to how special this tool really is.

What Rank Reveal does is track the ranking of keywords that you are targeting with your website. Well that’s what you would expect from a keyword rank tracking tool. And Rank Reveal really delivers.  How keyword rank tracking tools work is you enter the keywords that you want tracked for a specific URL and you are good to go. The tool will check the search engines to see where your website is ranked for these desired keywords.

What Makes Rank Reveal So Special


Now here is where Rank Reveal differs from the normal keyword rank tracking tool, and what makes it so special. Rank Reveal will check all the major,relevant search engines for keywords that you want it to check for, and tell you where you rank. But the biggest advantage to using this tool is it also checks these same search engines for ANY keywords that your website is ranking for, and where it is ranked for those keywords. You truly will be surprised at what Rank Reveal finds.

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Keyword Rank TrackingThis type of information is invaluable. Because Rank Reveal can return hundreds, and even thousands of keywords your website is ranking for and you weren’t even aware of them. This can become very powerful. Being able to see keywords that your site is ranking that you were unaware of previously, you can now develop a search engine optimization plan plan to attack these keywords and all the longtail keywords that are related to these new found jems.

Rank Reveal will really open your eyes to these new keywords that you were unaware your site was ranking for, and the opportunities these new found keywords present. With this information you can now direct some of your SEO efforts towards expanding the amount of keywords your website is ranking for.

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