Rank Reveal is Even Better With Updates

Keyword Rank TrackingHave you signed up with RankReveal yet? In case you haven’t, there’s definitely something worth your while for you to know what’s been going on with RankReveal lately.
For one, we have upgraded our backend infrastructure, and the upgrades are aimed at providing a faster and better ranking discovery and user experience for all our users.
And then, we’ve also pushed alive a new algorithm that is now collecting ranking keywords like crazy. If you have RankReveal, login now and see more rankings revealed for you!

What to Expect from Improved Rank Reveal

Many of you know that RankReveal is the only specially engineered Reverse Rank Tracking Tool that is capable of uncovering all the ranking keywords for your websites.
No other conventional tool can do this. As time goes on, RankReveal is able to discover more and more ranking keywords for you.
(Even SEMRush can’t beat us at this. If you read my other emails, it come from an SEMRush user. We thought the same too!)
Most people would just focus on developing their content marketing around some money keywords. But frankly speaking, how many can really make their way up on the rankings and maintain their position? Not to mention getting the traffic they were promised by various keyword research tools. Guys, you do it all wrong.
Even if you could, a single slip is all it takes for an aggressive newcomer to snatch away your pole position. It’s a daily battle to stay on the top, especially with Google’s constant changes and new competitors entering the scene. Adaptability and innovation are the key to survival at the top.
Rank Reveal
So why make things harder for yourself when you can have a smarter way of sustaining  better rankings with RankReveal’s innovative reverse rank tracking technology?
With all the data gathered by RankReveal, you will be able to know all the positioning for all ranking keywords that you may or may not have known, including your competitors!
With RankReveal’s help, you will now have a clearer picture of what the top 10 or top 20 keywords are that you should be focusing on. Maximize your content strategy around these golden keywords. All of them are uniquely phenomenal toward your website ranking.
Once you have that URL pushed to page 1, use it to point back to your other pages so that it will give a gigantic boost to the Pagerank as well. Even if you are in a SEO agency,you can always suggest this amazing approach to all your clients, and boost your credibility and reputation along the way.
So now you see what Rank Reveal can really do for you!

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